No Apologies Project // 362

12-31To be frank, I kind of kicked ass in 2015. I explored art in new avenues, worked with a lot of amazing artists, made some amazing new friends, had a lovely lover or two, and learned a few things. I also experienced loss, my fare share of anger, and made a bad decision or 17. But this year, man, this year was amazing. And I’m ending it in the best way imaginable – wrapped up in all white bedding, literally one of my favorite things.

I’ve learned over the last 3 years that I’m pretty indifferent to New Years Eve. I’ve gotten dolled up, gone out and had a fun time, but it’s not some big thing for me. So my evening shall be a simple one and it shall be grande time. Here’s to you and your loved ones on this day. Happy New Year, kids.

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All images ©Ann Marie Amick